Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Holiday Wins and Losses.

The holiday season is nearly over and soon I will be back in school. I've been playing a lot of games on Chess.com and not really spending my leisure time analyzing them. I had an epic session yesterday, where I finished up eight games of correspondence chess. Of those eight, I only lost one of them. To be fair, it was a devastatingly stupid loss, but these things happen. So, to ring in the new year, I'll post my favorite of the wins and the loss. And, perhaps if I find myself with an excess of free time in the future, I'll come back and annotate them.

This is my favorite win from yesterday. Keep in mind, I was playing basically a simul--since it was turn based chess and I was moving on board after board. It was great fun, but the quality of my games could probably have been better. To be honest though, I think mediocre games are much more exciting than games where no one makes mistakes. Anyways, I end up with tripled pawns, and he gets mated by four of my pieces--probably one of my favorite mates I've ever done. Enjoy watching us navigate through our own ineptitude.

King Safety?

This game was my only loss yesterday (I've already suffered one today though). I was over ambitious and over confident--two traits that I should learn to curb in real life as well as my chess life.

Didn't See That Coming

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pushing Pawns.

I'm beginning to notice a pattern in my life. Chess takes over as soon as I'm not focused on school or work. Sherlock Holmes did cocaine when he was without work, I suppose chess is a much safer thing to be addicted to in times of listlessness.

I'm on break from school right now. It's nice to have some R&R, but I need something to keep me occupied. So, for the time being I'm back on the chess scene. I don't know if I'll be able to keep this up when the semester starts back up, but I'll be enjoying my time back during this break.

And, here's a quick game that I just finished. You'll quickly see why it's not analyzed. It was a nice self-esteem booster to get me over the hump that always happens when I come back to chess.

Back in the Ring